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A Rant on the Afghan Troop Withdrawal

Trump makes a peace deal with the Taliban, silence. Biden upholds the peace deal, outrage.

The West - “Our troops are fighting a pointless war, BRING THEM HOME! Our soldiers are dying for nothing!” Taliban takes over, also The West, “How could you BRING THEM HOME and abandon the Afghans’! Our soldiers died for nothing!”

The Middle East and Asia,” The West should mind their own business and stay out of our territories!” Also The Middle East and Asia, “The West continue to abandon us and leave us to die at the hands of extremists!”

The West, “Lets inject ourselves into these territories, to get oil under the guise of bringing order and peace, defending our citizens against terrorists, defending our interests”. Also the The West, “We were there for 20 years, we couldn’t be there forever and by the way, nation building wasn’t the mission.”

The West, “We are evacuating our troops and all of the people who supported us. Also The West, “but we are also sending more troops to help evacuate our troops”.

The Brits, “We couldn’t remain without the Americans - it wasn’t feasible”. Did you ask Nato for troops to replace the Americans? The Brits, “Uhm, No.” Nato commenting, “To be honest, we didn't really want to get involved any way.”

The Taliban takeover in 10 days. The West, “The speed of the takeover over caught us off guard”. Also The West, “This withdrawal has been planned for months and all of the possible outcomes analysed.”

The West, “We will support the Afghans in any way that we can. Also The West, “but just to let you know, we will also be cutting foreign aid budgets.”

The Taliban, “Protecting lives is our priority. Come back to work everyone. Girls and Women will continue to have the right to work and education. Also The Taliban, “Only if you apologise for betraying your country, only if you are willing to work under a man, only if you remain in accordance to the Islamic rules and laws".

Me, “And what about everything else? Everyone else? Since we only talk about what is trending at that time?" And also me, “it’s all just too much. I do not have the capacity for all of this. I am going back to my bubble.”

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